Have Questions about your planned Side-by-Side trip?
Don’t worry – We’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to get you quick answers to your questions. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have questions!

What is a Side-by-Side (ATV)?
Think of a really small Jeep, or a golf cart with big tires and a much larger engine.  Check out the video on our home page. They are a tremendous amount of fun! 

How old does a driver need to be?
Driver must be 18 with a valid drivers license.

How can my younger child drive?
Unfortunately all drivers must be 18 with a valid drivers license.

How old does a passenger have to be?
5 years old, must ride in your vehicle in a booster seat which will also go in the Side by Side.

What are your rates?
For information on our rates, please check our our Rates page. 

Can we park and ride?
Yes! You will rent and drive from our door.

Where can we rent a Side-by-Side (ATV)?
325 Main street Gorham, NH (only location)

Can I rent a Side-by-Side (ATV) in Fryeburg or Bethel?
No, ATVs (Side-by-Sides) are only available at our Gorham location. 

Are the Side-by-Side (ATV’s) governed?
No, our machines are not governed. 

Can I rent overnight?
Yes, please see rates.

How fast can I go?
The posted speed limit is 25mph on the trails.  On paved roads the posted speed limit.  The Side-by-Side (ATVs) go around 60MPH.

Can I drive through water?
Puddles yes, but not anything deep.

Can I drive through mud?
Mud puddles yes, but not mud competitions.

What is the deductible on the damage waiver?

What if I don’t want to get the damage waiver?
We will need a $4500 security deposit on a credit card.

Are you open in bad weather?
Yes, we are open in all weather conditions. 

Are you open on Sunday?
We are open 7 days a week 8:30AM to 5PM. Reserve your ride today!
We close at 5pm.

What if I damage another person’s property?
You are responsible for the damage.

Can I get a group discount?
Unfortunately we do not off any group discounts.

Do we need to arrive early?
Yes, half an hour early please!

Why do we need to arrive early?
You need to do paperwork, watch a safety video and get directions.

How long is the safety video?
6 minutes long.

What is your cancellation policy?
48 hours, If you cancel within the 48 hours you will loose your deposit. (4 or more units is a 7 day cancellation policy).

What if we do not return on time?
Other customers may be waiting for the ATV, so we will charge you $50 for being late (more if you are really late). Sorry getting lost is not an excuse for being late.

Can I drive up Mt. Washington?
Yes, in one of our Slingshots! We recommend a 2 hour rental to do this trip.

Can I trailer the ATV to a different location?
Yes, with your trailer, or we will rent you one.

What happens if I break down?
Breakdowns are rare as all of our ATV’s are new, but you will call us and we will come out and help you, we will give you time for the time you lost if the problem was not your fault. (please note that only the Side-by-Side (ATV) that breaks down will get extra time).

Do I need to pay for gas?
Yes, one gallon per hour at street rates.

Do I pay for gas on a 24 hour rental?
Yes, you get it full and bring it back full.

Do we get a GPS?
Yes, it is a locater so we can find you. You will Also Have a Tablet in the Machine that will tell you where you are on the trails.

Can I use my own helmet?
Yes, As long as it is DOT approved.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Are helmets provided?
Yes, free with every rental.

Do I need eye protection?
Yes, it is the law.  We sell glasses for $3.

What should I wear?
Dress for the temperature with closed toed shoes.

Should I bring a camera?
Yes, definitely!

Will I see wildlife?
Many of our customers have reported seeing wildlife including Moose!

Can I go to a restaurant to eat?
Yes, your Side-by-Side (ATV) is allowed on the roads in Berlin and Gorham with many places to eat accessible.

Can I bring a cooler on the ATV?
Yes, please bring a bungee to hold it down.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, Northeast Snowmobile & ATV Rentals.

What are the trails like?
The trails are Mountainous with many grand views, there is a lake and waterfall. We have trails for all riding levels to accommodate the beginner to the expert.
Please check out this map of the Jericho Mountain Trail System!

Can we swim in the lake?

Where are rest rooms?
At our shop, at the warming hut, and at the visitors center at Jericho Lake.

Do we get a map?
Yes, we will give you a free map?

What if we want a guide?
Guides are available with advanced reservations.

How much is a guide?
$50 per hour.

Can I go off trail?
No, you must stay on marked trails.

Who owns the trails?
Private home owners and the State of NH.

Who maintains the trails?
Local area clubs and the State of NH.

What is the 5% Environment fee?
This is a fee we charge to help maintain the trails. 

Does Northeast Donate to the trails?
Yes, thousands of dollars every year.

Where can I stay?
We have two 2 bedroom apartments available (sleeps 8 each) for $150 Sunday – Thursday, $200 Friday and Saturday (plus $50 cleaning fee, per stay).

What hotels are in the area?
Gorham Motor Inn, (603) 466-3381

Royalty Inn, (603) 466-3312

Town and Country (603) 466-3315

Mt. Madison Inn (603) 466-3622