• Sorry, but we do not offer group discounts.


Northeast Snowmobile Rentals offers a full line of snowmobile clothing for those who do not have adequate clothing for the conditions. We want all of our riders to be warm and happy!  Northeast Snowmobile Rentals recommends that riders do not ride in sneakers and jeans. We look at every outdoor experience through the eyes of Maine Guides. “Always be prepared for sudden changes of weather conditions”

Clothing Rental Pricing:

  • Gloves – $5
  • Boots – $10
  • Suit – $15
  • Full Gear – $25


  • All renters must be 21 years of age or older unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • All snowmobile drivers must be 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license to operate a snowmobile.
  • Drinking and driving will not be tolerated, Northeast Snowmobile and ATV rentals will not rent a snowmobile to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Penalties and fines will be applied to your drivers license in both Maine and New Hampshire.
  • Helmets are provided and required for all operators and passengers.
  • Maximum trail speed 45 MPH, Trail connectors 35 MPH, Bridges, sidewalks, trail junctions and parking lots 10MPH
  • Click here for the Official rules of NH.


  • Always operate at a reasonable rate of speed for the conditions and within your ability.
  • Slow down when driving in the dark.
  • Always drive on the right hand side of the trail and park to the right in single file off the edge of a groomed surface on straight aways.
  • Stay on designated trails and respect landowner’s property.
  • Do not attempt to pass snowmobiles in front of you, wait for them to pull safely out of your way.


  • Northeast Snowmobile requires a $50/Per Sled advance deposit to hold all snowmobile reservations.  This deposit will be used toward your rental.
  • No Shows will be charged the entire rental fee.
  • If the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours, you will forfeit the deposit amount.
  • In the event of adverse weather or snow conditions deposit will be refunded.
  • Adverse weather includes: no snow, rain and white out conditions.
  • Rental time begins at the scheduled reservation time, not the time you arrive . We recommend individuals arrive 30 minutes prior to Rental time and complete paperwork and safety video in advance.
  • There is a $60 per hour late fee when returning your snowmobile. Sorry, getting lost is not a valid excuse.  Please keep in mind that a later return also affects the customer renting the snowmobile immediately after you.
  • All rentals are responsible for gas and any damages.


Waiver Fee:

  • $25 Per day
  • No Credit Card Authorization is Required with the purchase of an optional Damage Waiver (DW).
  • If a DW is not purchased, a $1000 debit/credit card authorization security deposit is required per snowmobile.
  • If individuals purchase the DW it will limit the amount of damages to $500.

Please note that Damage Waiver only covers damages to the sled you are renting, not for damages done to others and/or others property.